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Dear guest,

In these extraordinary times, our highest priority is to keep both you as a guest and our employees safe while you get to experience exciting activities here in the north.

To achieve this, we have revised our routines and implemented new and thorough procedures that affect all aspects of our activities.

From cleaning, transport and social distancing to serving food. We follow the current rules and restrictions from the Norwegian government and the National Institute of Public Health.


Temperature Measurement:

Mandatory temperature measurement has been introduced for all employees and guests before the activity starts


Antibac is available to all travelers and staff at all times

All equipment and clothing are disinfected between uses

Common areas and often affected surfaces are regularly disinfected

Transportation: Antibac and disposable gloves are available for all passengers and driver and use is strongly encouraged when boarding

The vehicle is cleaned between each trip in accordance with the transport company's internal instructions and procedures.

This also involves disinfecting all contact surfaces

Food and drink:

The guidelines given by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will be followed where food and/or drinks are served.


We reserve the right to adapt meals, drinks or snacks belonging to the activity In accordance with applicable rules and restrictions


Clothes: Warm suits and other equipment needed, such as googles and gloves, are routinely disinfected between each time it has been used Bring your own hat, scarf and warm mittens or gloves You can bring your own face mask, gloves and Antibac if desired.

Otherwise, rules and guidelines in relation to the use of this are followed at all times. What can you do to help? Respect your fellow travelers and keep 1 meter distance to others Bring a limited number of assets to the activity


Book the trip online at Pay by card or Vipps.

Only participate in the activity if you feel well We want to emphasize the need to have travel insurance


Useful link for travelers in Norway: Norwegian Institute of Public Health: reiseindustri /


If you do not feel well before you participate in your ordered activity, please contact us at or phone +47 915 41 142


If you experience symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of participating in an activity with us, please contact:

For other questions or concerns related to our trips and activities, our support is available: +47 915 41 142

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