With Risvær Brygger as a base, you have many great hiking opportunities in the immediate vicinity.


“In The Footsteps Of The Queen” Duration; 3-4 hrs. Price; NOK 495 pr. person / incl. boat transfer and hiking map

By the outlet of Raftsundet is one of the peak Stortinden located. The peak has a fantastic view of the Vestfjord, from Ofoten in the east, to Hamarøy, Steigen and Landegode outside Bodø in the south, beyond Lofoten and north to the strait of Raftsundet. It is a 2 hrs. hike on good trails from the village of Årstein to the top.

H.M. Queen Sonja is a sporty lady, and has visited the summit twice in recent years. This is Norway’s first memory stone on summits inaugurated by H.M. Queen Sonja in July 2016. The Stortinden had no ward from before, and therefore a new ward could be built on the top. Representatives from Lofoten Tur lag, Vesterålen Tur lag brought woodpeckers, hoists and drills to the mountains. Two tonnes of stone were collected, the varden was built, and the “Dronningvarden” was a reality.

“The Emperors March” Duration; 3-4 hrs. Price; NOK 495 incl. boat transfer and map

This summit has the name of Emperor Wilhelm's two ascents of the summit. He was so excited by nature that he was four more times in Digermulen. At the top of the summit there has been erected two large wards, each with an inscription with the date of the Emperor's visit.

The march starts at Digermulen School. The first few kilometers follow the main road before it before Valen turns left and the ascent begins. The trail goes through hilly forest terrain and gradually becomes steeper until arrinving Heia. From there, you already have a great view of the mainland and Hamarøy in the east. The tour continues on the back of Digermulkollen hill and Keiservarden. Then there is the ascent to the Keiservarden where one naturally writes a few words in the guestbook and enjoys the view, the so-called “Kaiserblick”, which in old Baedeker Travel guides was called the most beautiful view in the world. To the east, one sees the mainland's mountains, all the way to the Swedish border. And of course the 365 islands in the Svellingsflaket Arcipelago. In the south the open Vestfjord with Landegode and Værøy. To the west the strait of Raftsundet and the Raftsund Alps. Furthermore, the trail goes up to the edge of the Digermulkollen with its fantastic view before you start heading down.

One summer day in 1889, the German Emperor Wilhelm II stranded in the Digermulen with the ship named after his hometown, Hohenzollern. Here he climbed the mountain Digermulkollen to admire the view over the Raftsundet and the Øksfjord. Hence the expression Kaiserblick. The Emperor often traveled up the Norwegian coast in his youth and has also given his name to the Emperor Ward in Bodø. The Emperor’s March itself is not a sdifficult hike. Especially during the summer it is a nice day-trip for small and largergroups as the trail is nice and ropes are laid along parts of the route.