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Lofoten tour. Risvær-Svolvær Roundtrip with Fountain/RIB.

3-4 hour round trip at 40 knots past Årsteinen  and Brettesnes, through Molldøra, over Hølla, past Helle airport in to Svolvær docs. The trip to Svolvær takes 20-25 minutes. 

inn Svolvær you'll have plenty of time to see Svolværs Sights and/or visit one of Svolværs bars and/or restaurants.

returning to Risvær we'll pass Skrova, entering the port from southwest by way of Skrova lighthouse. heading north will see Lille Molla, Årstein and back to Risvær.

Kr.1290.- per person. price presupposes at least 5 people.