4-5 hour round trip, sightseeing in Vågan with fountain 47/RIB at 40 knots.

From Risvær we'll set a course for Skrova. passing Årsteinen and Lille Molla. our first stop is at Skrova with the option of takeing a short stroll. From Skrova we'll cross over towards Henningsvær to enjoy the magnificent view of Vågakallen and Lofotfjellene, once there we'll enjoy a nice lunch or look at some of the local arts and crafts. 

after lunch we'll head out to to see Kalle, Nyvågar and Kabelvåg, with stops on request. Svolvær is our next destination where will take our time before heading past Helle (Svolvær Airport), Øyhellesundet Raftsundet and Trollfjorden. with some time managment we can time it to meet Hurtigruta there at 17:00. returning to Risvær will pas Lauksundet, Raftsundet and Årsteinen.

Kr. 1990.- Per-Person, price presupposes 5 people.