emperors march to Kesiervarden (emperors cairn) at Digermulkollen.

the mountain gets its name from Keiser Wilhelm's two ascents to the top. the nature was so breathtaking that he returned to the base of the mountain another 4 times. at the top there are 2 big cairn each with an inscription with the dates of his ascents to the top.

the march starts at Digermulen school, the first kilomiters follow the road before breaking of and starting the climb, the path leads through hilly forests and gradually gets steeper til you get on top of Heia. at this point the view will already be breath taking with the main land and Hamarøyas mountains in the distance. the march continues to the back side of Digermulkollen and Keiservarde. after the climb to the cairn its costumarry to fill inn the guest book with your thoughts of the experiance that is Lofoten and Digermulen whilst enjoying the view, the so called Kaiserblick (emperors sight), which the old Baedeker Travelers called the most beautiful view in the world.