a 5-6 hour day tour starting in the morning, setting course for Skrova. on the way will pass Årsteinen, Brettesnes and Lille Molla before passing Skrova light house. In Skrova we can hike, see the sights and potentialy allow ourselves a coffee break at Skrovabrygga. 

From Skrova we'll go past Svolvær over Hølla and up Øyhellesundet past Storemolla before ending up at Raftsundet. Here we continue up Raftsundet and walk into Trollfjorden. The trip can be arranged so that we meet Hurtigruta there at kl.1700. 

From Trollfjorden we'll go out of Raftsundet past Digermulen and back to Risvær. 

Kr.20 000.- (12 people max.)