Risvær Brygger wants to make an equally successful program for our guests as last year and offers the following program for Thursday - Sunday: Thursday You arrive at Harstad-Narvik-Evenes airport at a specified time where you will be picked up by minibus and transported to the marina in Evenesvika. Here you board fast-moving boats and we set course out of the Ofotfjord with Risvær as the goal. We make the trip to Revelsøy, which was Ofoten's first trading point, going behind Barøy before heading for the Vestfjord Basin towards Offersøy. Here we go ashore, past Vestbygd and in between the islands in Svellingen which is the gateway to Lofoten. Once at Risvær you will be installed in our comfortable Rorbu apartments 6 people in each Rorbu in 3 bedrooms.

We prepare for dinner and fire the hot tubs filled with fresh sea water on the quayside so that they are ready at your disposal whenever you wish. We keep an open bar and are happy to serve in the stamps. If you wish it is the conference room at your disposal before dinner. (If the weather is very bad, we use a bus as transport to Pundslett where you are picked up by boat and taken to Risvær)

We get up early to have our day and breakfast. If desired, we place the Conference Room at their disposal a few hours in the morning. When you want to go on the sea we should be ready with M / S Buccaneer, our 63 foot fishing skate to set course for the fishing field to try your luck for a few hours. Hopefully the big scream is in bite mode. We prepare lunch on board, bring coffee, soft drinks and other soft drinks so that we do not suffer any distress. The boat is rigged with roof tops, heat and music. Just bring your mood and it will be a great day at sea.

After a few hours of fishing and fun, we set course for Svolvær and café visits for a few hours to feel the atmosphere there, before we turn the bow towards Risvær again. For those who do not want to try Skreifisket, we can use our fast-moving boats for transport to Svolvær.

At Risvær you will be served grilled Whale Steak with dinner accessories, The bar is open, the hot tubs are ready and we have live music for entertainment.

We focus on good atmosphere throughout the evening.

Etter frokost lørdag formiddag er det ut på tur igjen. Vi tar også i dag med hurtiggående båter som alternativ transport for de som ikke ønsker å fiske. Vi går en runde på fiskefeltet ut på Hølla og Moholmen, før vi ender opp i Skrova og får med oss sammenkomsten på Skrovabrygga med god musikk og høy partyfaktor.

Vi har god tid og blir her noen timer. Vi ordner oss med god drikke og en lunsj for å stabilisere formen. Etter noen timer setter vi kurs mot Risvær igjen. Her hygger vi oss med helstekt lam, levende musikk, god stemning og godt selskap hele kvelden.

Etter frokost utpå formiddagen en gang er det klart for avreise og hjemtur.

Full av inntrykk etter ei begivenhetsrik helg transporteres dere til Pundslett med båt hvor det står buss klar til å ta dere med til flyplassen igjen. Pris for dette er kr 7.900.- pr.pers. og inkluderer alt utenom drikke fra baren.

Vi garanterer ei minnerik helg!



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