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Transport from Harstad-Narvik-Evenes Flyplass to Risvær with Fountain 47/RIB.

approximately 1.5 hours speed 40 knots. Kr.1590.-per person. Price presupposes at least 5 people.

pick up at Evensvika close to the airport with warm fullbody suits and life vests provided. then we head out of the Ofotfjord towards Lofoten. on the way we will be passing Rævelsøy, Ofot's oldest and possibly first business place. we continue past Barøya before crossing Vestfjordbassenget towards Offersøy. here we pass between the islands and find Svellingsleia, a spectacular boat ride through islands over shallow water with a good possibility of seeing sea-Eagles.

Kr.1590.- per person, prices presuposes atleast 5 people.