About the trip

Duration; 4-5 hrs.

Price; NOK 1990 pr. person. Min. 5. pax.

From Risvær we speed up to Lille Molla and follow the east side of Molla before we arrive in Skrova, where we'll have our first pit stop. Here is the opportunity to go ashore if desired. We cross the Vestfjord to Henningsvær, enjoying the greatest view of the dramatic and stunning Lofoten mountains.

Next stop is Henningsvær which is a picturesque fishing villages in Lofoten.Take a stroll along the quayside and visit the site's many arts and craftsmen or just enjoy life at one of Henningsvær's many dining places. From Henningsvær, the trip takes the inner lane along the rocks to Kalle, Nyvågar and Kabelvåg (we make a stop if desired) towards Svolvær where we take time for a visit.

From Svolvær, we pass Helle (Svolvær airport) over Hølla and up the narrow strait of Øyhellesundet to Raftsundet and Trollfjorden. If we adjust the time, we can meet the Hurtigruten ship here at 5 pm. From the Trollfjord, the tour goes through Lauksundet and down Raftsundet, past Årsteinen and back to Risvær.